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  • Create a web-based interface template system for the corporate Intranet.
  • Devise a solution to replicate content from the master server to local office servers
  • Integrate Microsoft Exchange platform into a web-based email access and file-sharing solution


  • Developed a series of user interface templates and documented process for adding and maintaining content
  • Implemented content replication system to avoid network surcharges and bandwidth limitations
  • Installed and configured web-based Microsoft Outlook access to email and file sharing
  • Implemented Active-X based control system for disseminating news


  • Intranet now in use across the nation by all employees
  • Remote email and file access now enabled for traveling sales force
  • Employees now have access to current financial information and news from global parent company by integrating the two intranets
  • Maintenance and upkeep made dramatically easier by enforcing browser standards and documenting content development procedures
  • New applications released on the Intranet include data warehousing and executive support systems.


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