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ABB Alstom Power
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ABB Alstom Power
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  • Create a single, unified user interface for applications residing on a variety of platforms: Unix, Lotus Notes, AS/400, Windows 95/98/NT, SQL Server, Oracle and more
  • Present content to users based on relevance to their job function
  • Create and document an easy-to-use maintenance and administration user function


  • Created a personalized user interface for employees that presents links to content based on their department, business unit affiliation and business process responsibility.
  • Provided a series of unified user templates for converting databases and applications into web-based applications
  • Provided web-based access to JD Edwards application running on AS/400
  • Designed and Deployed a Webcam system which provides live images and time-lapse video from ABB construction sites across the United States
  • Developed, documented and trained users on content development architecture and processes.


  • Intranet a huge success: over 90% of accessible employees use the Intranet daily
  • Over 20 software applications are now available through the Intranet, including document management applications, project databases and CAD drawing management
  • Training time greatly reduced for new employees

Customer Testimonial
Fred Tyler, ABB Alstom Power’s Intranet Manager, says:

“Working with this team has been crucial to the overall success of the Intranet. And we have gotten a number of benefits from the Intranet - people use it everywhere. One example is that newly hired employees are able to quickly learn what they need to do their jobs online. This is a crucial advantage because we are hiring new people constantly. Now we have a solution that allows our employees to find what they need when they need it. We’re always adding something new - recently, we built an Online Travel Center and an Industry-specific news service that have been big hits with the users.”



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