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Owens & Minor CSW CBT Course
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  • Evaluate and recommend an authoring tool suite for development of computer-based training at Owens & Minor
  • Provide detailed instructions for performing the receiving, putaway, picking and shipping procedures in over 30 Owens & Minor warehouses
  • Provide detailed tracking information about student progress including name, location and test scores


  • Evaluated, recommended and implemented development toolset called Quest from Allen Communications
  • Developed computer-based training interface templates for future development by O& M staff; trained
    O & M staff in use of toolset and templates
  • Developed the CSW CBT Course, a graphically-rich online training course which was deployed through Owens & Minor corporate Intranet
  • Provided animated process descriptions for using the RF Device to access the CSW System from the warehouse floor
  • Developed and implemented online testing modules that tracked the student’s retention of course materials
  • Tracked and recorded user access, progress and test scores from around the country into a centralized location for report generation
  • Developed off-line version of the course for laptop users which retained all of the functionality of the online version


  • Successfully developed and rolled out training application to over 3,000 workers in over 30 Owens & Minor warehouses around the country.
  • Dramatically reduced travel costs for training staff and successfully trained all users within a year of rollout.
  • Client Satisfaction:
    “We are pleased with the job that this team did because they not only created a highly effective and attractive computer-based training program, but also they created an authoring environment to speed our future online training efforts”
    - Robert Sandy, Manager of Technical Operations Training for Owens & Minor.


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